Scripts and config files for building chromium on an icecc-cluster
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Building chromium on an icecc cluster


  • A chromium checkout on a Linux computer
  • ccache
  • icecc version >= 1.1rc2.
  • A functioning icecc cluster and a running iceccd on the local computer


  • Add repo root directory to $PATH
  • source ccache-env
  • Add custom hook to .gclient. See documentation in
  • Run gclient runhooks

Inject the settings in icecc.gni into your build config, either explicitly:

gn gen out \
  --args='use_debug_fission=false clang_use_chrome_plugins=false enable_nacl=false linux_use_bundled_binutils=false cc_wrapper="ccache" ffmpeg_use_atomics_fallback=true enable_swiftshader=false'

Or by importing the absolute path to icecc.gni from

mkdir -p out
dir=$(dirname $(which icecc-ninja))
echo "import(\"$dir/icecc.gni\")" > out/
gn gen out


Build with icecc-ninja instead of ninja. For instance:

icecc-ninja -j64 -C out/Release blink_tests


Using clang plugins does not work. They are disabled in icecc.gni which means that e.g. some oilpan errors will go unnoticed.

From time to time there are compile errors which only happen when distributed with icecc. I have seen at least the avx512 issue mentioned in [1]. A workaround for that without messing with local patches is to run ninja instead of icecc-ninja for the problematic target(s).

[1] [] (


See LICENSE file