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Patrick's Awesome Toolset

Version 2.0
by [Patrick McKinley] homepage
[] homepage


  • Put code on PHP5.2 enabled server with Mcrypt
  • Open bootstrap.php in a text editor
    • Put database details into the DB::configure() function
    • Add a random encryption key to the Mcrypt declaration

Twitter Module Usage

  • Install the twitter module
    ./cafe Twitter install
  • Add twitter account
    ./cafe Twitter add
  • Post a tweet - the account needs to be added with the above command
    ./cafe Twitter tweet
    • eg:
      ./cafe Twitter tweet lilmuckers "Posting a tweet"

Xbox Live Module Usage

  • Install the XboxLive module
    ./cafe XboxLive install
  • Add User
    ./cafe XboxLive add
    • eg:
      ./cafe XboxLive add Lilmuckers password
    • This also supports interactive input by just calling it in the format
      ./cafe XboxLive add
  • Change User Account
    ./cafe XboxLive edit
    • eg:
      ./cafe XboxLive edit Lilmuckers password1
    • This also supports interactive input by just calling it in the format
      ./cafe XboxLive edit
  • Update all accounts score data
    ./cafe XboxLive update
  • Update score data for a specific account
    ./cafe XboxLive update
    • eg:
      ./cafe XboxLive update Lilmuckers
  • Check consistency of user data
    ./cafe XboxLive check
    • eg:
      ./cafe XboxLive check Lilmuckers
  • Force update of all information on user
    ./cafe XboxLive force
    • eg:
      ./cafe XboxLive force Lilmuckers
  • Delete a given gamertag from the DB with all data
    ./cafe XboxLive delete
    • eg:
      ./cafe XboxLive delete Lilmuckers
  • Add a notification hook ./cafe XboxLive addlocation
    • gamertag - The gamertag to add this to
    • type - There is, at the moment, only one valid notification hook
      • twitter
    • identifier - Unique identifier for a registered account in the notification system. For twitter this would be the twitter username.
    • Suffixes and Prefixes are put on the beginning and end of the updates, to include custom hashtags for the twitter calls, for example.
    • eg: ./cafe XboxLive addlocation Lilmuckers twitter lilmuckers "#xbox" "See the full list on"
      • This will make Lilmuckers account tweet to the lilmuckers twitter feed, prefixing and suffixing the tweet accordingly.
  • Fire off the notification hooks ./cafe XboxLive notify
    • gamertag - optional - if unspecified all registered gamertags will be used.
    • timestamp - optional - format recognised by the [PHP strtotime function] strtotime - if unspecified defaults to the last hour ("-1 hour")
  • Load achievements for a game from downloaded HTML file ./cafe XboxLive file
    • This is very basic - and won't work on multi-gamertag environments.
    • Built for my own reasons - since MicroSoft made it practically impossible to scrape XboxLive.


General command line framework including modules such as a scraper for Xbox Live, Twitter client, and so forth



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