Arduino powered brass bell ringing doorbell
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"Ultimate" Arduino Doorbell

Doorbell that uses a cheap wireless doorbell, attached to an Arduino to drive a servo to ring a "real" brass bell.

Pictures of the construction:

Eventual plan will involve listening to Arduino's serial port to fire off additional actions on the local network and/or internet.

Using netgrowl and PicoRendezvous from:

Also using for Growl for Windows notification


If you want to run the Python part of this on a chumby, you should attach something that sends the string 'DING DONG' down the serial port (USB) of the chumby.

On your computer (within doorbell directory):

  • virtualenv --no-site-packages .
  • source bin/activate
  • pip install -r dependencies.txt
  • ./

Then copy the contents of dist/ onto a USB stick (along with python in python2.6-chumby/) and plug it into your chumby. Python for the chumby is available here:

The debugchumby script should startup the app when the chumby is rebooted.

Of course this should all work on a "real" computer too.