A Vim plugin to colorize all text in the form #rrggbb or #rgb.
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A Vim plugin to colorize all text in the form #rgb, #rgba, #rrggbb, #rrgbbaa, rgb(...), rgba(...). See the comment at the beginning of the plugin for more options.



screenshot The left screen shows colortest.txt in Vim in xfce4-terminal. The right screen shows colortest.txt in gVim.


Pathogen, Vundle, etc.

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone https://github.com/lilydjwg/colorizer


Use make install and make uninstall to quickly install/uninstall the script, or simply copy plugin/colorizer.vim and autoload/colorizer.vim to your .vim dir.


This version is based on https://github.com/lilydjwg/colorizer, also found as colorizer.vim on vim.org

Known issues

This plugin is still inefficient for large files. I strongly sugguest you enable it only when you need it, or set the g:colorizer_maxlines variable, e.g. to 1000. There seems to be no way to get current displaying lines and do work with them in Vim.