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My vim config
VimL Python Java Erlang JavaScript C
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after after/ftplugin/ fix NameError
autoload update colorizer
colors remove lettuce color
compiler add Elixir support
dict Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/neocomplete'
doc update doc/tags
ftdetect update vim-toml
ftplugin rst: remove _ from 'iskeyword' so that link refs are completable
indent nginx support update
keymap 安装 math 键盘映射插件
nerdtree_plugin 安装 NERD_tree
plugin racer.vim: don't show warning messages
rcode/vim Rcode snippet: zhpunc
signs 更新 cuteErrorMarker 到 v1.5
snippets snippets
so vimim: auto load and use <C-@> for ctrl-space
spell spell update
syntax httplog.vim: 小米 Android 浏览器
syntax_checkers syntastic: update to 9af644dace47bb6692dd7364eb066e50c5f710b9
templates Python snippets 调整;不要在模板中设置修改文件的模式行
.VimballRecord update mark to 2.8.5
.gitignore temp.vim -> local.vim update README, closes #3
filetype.vim filetype.vim: set nocompatible only when not already set
nvimrc compatible with nvim
scripts.vim nginx support update
vimcdoc.install 更新 vimcdoc 中文文档至 1.9.0
vimrc cscope autoadd: .cc is a C++ extension too use HTTPS site for code pasting

我的 Vim 配置。


在 Vim 中查看本 vimrc 文件,高亮+折叠+K查阅文档:

curl | vim -R -c 'setf vim' -


There are notes in refs/notes/*.

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