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add Agg command to quickly search using ag

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1 parent 7783ddd commit 07986f1a2061d48d2c2fa1ae46060c85cda92137 @lilydjwg committed Mar 18, 2013
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@@ -829,7 +829,8 @@ command CenterFull call CenterFull()
command -nargs=1 -range=% -complete=customlist,Lilydjwg_Align_complete LA <line1>,<line2>call Lilydjwg_Align("<args>")
command -nargs=1 -range=% Column <line1>,<line2>Align! w<args>0P1p \S\@<=\s\@=
command -range=% Paste <line1>,<line2>py3 LilyPaste()
-command -range=% Tohtml :call Lilydjwg_to_html(<line1>, <line2>)
+command -range=% Tohtml call Lilydjwg_to_html(<line1>, <line2>)
+command Agg exe 'Ag -Q ' . expand('<cword>')
" 插件配置[[[1
" easymotion[[[2
let EasyMotion_leader_key = '<M-q>'

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