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+*abolish.txt* Language friendly searches, substitutions, and abbreviations
+Author: Tim Pope <> *abolish-author*
+License: Same terms as Vim itself (see |license|)
+This plugin is only available if 'compatible' is not set.
+INTRODUCTION *abolish* *:Abolish* *:Subvert*
+Abolish lets you quickly find, substitute, and abbreviate several variations
+of a word at once. By default, three case variants (foo, Foo, and FOO) are
+operated on by every command.
+Two commands are provided. :Abolish is the most general interface.
+:Subvert provides an alternative, more concise syntax for searching and
+ :Abolish [options] {abbreviation} {replacement}
+ :Abolish -delete [options] {abbreviation}
+ :Abolish -search [options] {pattern}
+ :Subvert/{pattern}[/flags]
+ :Abolish!-search [options] {pattern}
+ :Subvert?{pattern}[?flags]
+ :Abolish -search [options] {pattern} {grep-arguments}
+ :Subvert /{pattern}/[flags] {grep-options}
+ :Abolish!-search [options] {pattern} {grep-arguments}
+ :Subvert!/{pattern}/[flags] {grep-options}
+ :[range]Abolish -substitute [options] {pattern} {replacement}
+ :[range]Subvert/{pattern}/{replacement}[/flags]
+ *:S*
+In addition to the :Subvert command, a :S synonym is provided if not
+already defined. This will be used in examples below.
+PATTERNS *abolish-patterns*
+Patterns can include brace pairs that contain comma separated alternatives:
+ box{,es} => box, boxes, Box, Boxes, BOX, BOXES
+For commands with a replacement, corresponding brace pairs are used in both
+halves. If the replacement should be identical to the pattern, an empty
+brace pair may be used. If fewer replacements are given than were given in
+the pattern, they are looped. That is, {a,b} on the replacement side is the
+same as {a,b,a,b,a,b,...} repeated indefinitely.
+The following replaces several different misspellings of "necessary":
+ :%S/{,un}nec{ce,ces,e}sar{y,ily}/{}nec{es}sar{}/g
+ABBREVIATING *abolish-abbrev*
+By default :Abolish creates abbreviations, which replace words automatically
+as you type. This is good for words you frequently misspell, or as
+shortcuts for longer words. Since these are just Vim abbreviations, only
+whole words will match.
+ :Abolish anomol{y,ies} anomal{}
+ :Abolish {,in}consistant{,ly} {}consistent{}
+ :Abolish Tqbf The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
+Accepts the following options:
+ -buffer: buffer local
+ -cmdline: work in command line in addition to insert mode
+A good place to define abbreviations is "after/plugin/abolish.vim",
+relative to ~\vimfiles on Windows and ~/.vim everywhere else.
+With a bang (:Abolish!) the abbreviation is also appended to the file in
+g:abolish_save_file. The default is "after/plugin/abolish.vim", relative
+to the install directory.
+Abbreviations can be removed with :Abolish -delete:
+ Abolish -delete -buffer -cmdline anomol{y,ies}
+SEARCHING *abolish-search*
+The -search command does a search in a manner similar to / key.
+search. After searching, you can use |n| and |N| as you would with a normal
+The following will search for box, Box, and BOX:
+ :Abolish -search box
+When given a single word to operate on, :Subvert defaults to doing a
+search as well:
+ :S/box/
+This one searches for box, boxes, boxed, boxing, Box, Boxes, Boxed, Boxing,
+ :S/box{,es,ed,ing}/
+The following syntaxes search in reverse.
+ :Abolish! -search box
+ :S?box?
+Flags can be given with the -flags= option to :Abolish, or by appending them
+after the separator to :Subvert. The flags trigger the following behaviors:
+ I: Disable case variations (box, Box, BOX)
+ v: Match inside variable names (match my_box, myBox, but not mybox)
+ w: Match whole words (like surrounding with \< and \>)
+A |search-offset| may follow the flags.
+ :Abolish -search -flags=avs+1 box
+ :S?box{,es,ed,ing}?we
+GREPPING *abolish-grep*
+Grepping works similar to searching, and is invoked when additional options
+are given. These options are passed directly to the :grep command.
+ :Abolish -search box{,es}
+ :S /box{,es}/ *
+ :S /box/aw *.txt *.html
+The slash delimiters must both be present if used with :Subvert. They may
+both be omitted if no flags are used.
+Both an external grepprg and vimgrep (via grepprg=internal) are supported.
+With an external grep, the "v" flag behaves less intelligently, due to the
+lack of look ahead and look behind support in grep regexps.
+SUBSTITUTING *abolish-substitute*
+Giving a range switches :Subvert into substitute mode. This command will
+change box -> bag, boxes -> bags, Box -> Bag, Boxes -> Bags, BOX -> BAG,
+BOXES -> BAGS across the entire document:
+ :%Abolish -substitute -flags=g box{,es} bag{,s}
+ :%S/box{,es}/bag{,s}/g
+The "c", "e", "g", and "n" flags can be used from the substitute command
+|:s_flags|, along with the "a", "I", "v", and "w" flags from searching.
+COERCION *abolish-coercion* *cr*
+Abolish's case mutating algorithms can be applied to the word under the cursor
+using the cr mapping (mnemonic: CoeRce) followed by one of the following
+ c: camelCase
+ m: MixedCase
+ _: snake_case
+ s: snake_case
+ -: dash-case (not reversible)
+For example, cru on a lowercase word is a slightly easier to type equivalent
+to gUiw.
+ vim:tw=78:ts=8:ft=help:norl:
@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@
'snippets' snipMate.txt /*'snippets'*
.snippet snipMate.txt /*.snippet*
.snippets snipMate.txt /*.snippets*
+:Abolish abolish.txt /*:Abolish*
:AttachFile CheckAttach.txt /*:AttachFile*
:ColorSchemeEditor ColorSchemeEditor.txt /*:ColorSchemeEditor*
:DisableCheckAttach CheckAttach.txt /*:DisableCheckAttach*
@@ -81,6 +82,8 @@
:RIPOW visincr.txt /*:RIPOW*
:RM visincr.txt /*:RM*
:Rexplore pi_netrw.txt /*:Rexplore*
+:S abolish.txt /*:S*
+:Subvert abolish.txt /*:Subvert*
:Texplore pi_netrw.txt /*:Texplore*
:TlistAddFiles taglist.txt /*:TlistAddFiles*
:TlistAddFilesRecursive taglist.txt /*:TlistAddFilesRecursive*
@@ -322,6 +325,15 @@ VimExplorer-treehotkey vimExplorer.txt /*VimExplorer-treehotkey*
VimwikiWeblinkHandler vimwiki.txt /*VimwikiWeblinkHandler*
[% matchit.txt /*[%*
]% matchit.txt /*]%*
+abolish abolish.txt /*abolish*
+abolish-abbrev abolish.txt /*abolish-abbrev*
+abolish-author abolish.txt /*abolish-author*
+abolish-coercion abolish.txt /*abolish-coercion*
+abolish-grep abolish.txt /*abolish-grep*
+abolish-patterns abolish.txt /*abolish-patterns*
+abolish-search abolish.txt /*abolish-search*
+abolish-substitute abolish.txt /*abolish-substitute*
+abolish.txt abolish.txt /*abolish.txt*
align Align.txt /*align*
align-align Align.txt /*align-align*
align-codepoint Align.txt /*align-codepoint*
@@ -449,6 +461,7 @@ cecutil-saveusermaps cecutil.txt /*cecutil-saveusermaps*
cecutil-savewinposn cecutil.txt /*cecutil-savewinposn*
cecutil-swp cecutil.txt /*cecutil-swp*
cecutil.txt cecutil.txt /*cecutil.txt*
+cr abolish.txt /*cr*
cs surround.txt /*cs*
dav pi_netrw.txt /*dav*
davs pi_netrw.txt /*davs*
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