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import sqlite3
import encodings.idna
from urllib.parse import urlsplit
import os, tempfile, shutil
import glob
import tldextract
def path_matches(cookie_path, req_path):
cookie_path = cookie_path.rstrip('/')
if not req_path.startswith(cookie_path):
return False
if len(req_path) > len(cookie_path) and req_path[len(cookie_path)] != '/':
return False
return True
def domain_to_ascii(domain):
domain = encodings.idna.nameprep(domain)
return b'.'.join(
encodings.idna.ToASCII(x) for x in domain.split('.')
class FirefoxCookies:
_file_to_delete = None
def __del__(self):
if self._file_to_delete:
wal_and_shm = glob.glob(self._file_to_delete + '*')
for f in wal_and_shm:
def __init__(self, cookiefile):
with open(cookiefile, 'rb') as db, \
tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False, prefix='fxcookie-') as tmp:
shutil.copyfileobj(db, tmp)
self._file_to_delete =
self._db = sqlite3.connect(
# self._db = sqlite3.connect(cookiefile)
self._extract = tldextract.TLDExtract(include_psl_private_domains=True)
self._db.execute("select 1 from moz_cookies where originAttributes = '' limit 1").fetchall()
self._origin = True
except sqlite3.OperationalError:
self._origin = False
def get_cookies(self, url):
Return a list of cookies to be returned to server.
us = urlsplit(url)
base_domain = self._extract(us.hostname).registered_domain
base_domain = domain_to_ascii(base_domain)
sql = '''select name, value, host, path from moz_cookies
where baseDomain = ?'''
if us.scheme != 'https':
sql += ' and isSecure != 1'''
if self._origin:
sql += " and originAttributes = ''"
cursor = self._db.execute(sql, (base_domain,))
candidates = cursor.fetchall()
path = us.path or '/'
domain = domain_to_ascii(us.hostname)
candidates = [x for x in candidates if domain.endswith(x[2])]
candidates = [x for x in candidates if path_matches(x[3], path)]
return {x[0]: x[1] for x in candidates}