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sbt-liftl10n-plugin is a plugin for Simple Build Tool, which allows to check localization in the Lift projects. The plugin scans Scala sources and html files for localization IDs, and check if the id is available in all translation files.

This plugin is compatible with sbt 0.13 or later, however it's should not be a big problem to port it to the older sbt if it really needed.

Currently the plugin is in early development stage, so the names of settings and other parameters can be changed.


To use the plugin and following lines in the project/plugins.scala

addSbtPlugin("su.e-terra" % "sbt-liftl10n-plugin" % "0.0.2")

To check the code use l10ncheck command in sbt console.

To check the localization IDs format use locIdFormat parameter, which takes Option[Regex] to define correct pattern for IDs you using. For example if you are using[.second] format, where all tokens are in camel case add following line in your build.sbt:

locIdFormat := Some("""^[a-z][A-Za-z]*(\.[a-z][A-Za-z]*)+$""".r)


sbt-liftl10n-plugin is distributed in terms of BSD license.