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Databrowse: An Extensible Data Management Platform
Copyright (C) 2012-2016 Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.


Please see the documentation in doc/Manual/Manual.pdf for more information and installation instructions.


Databrowse is released under the BSD 3-Clause License. Please see the file COPYING for more information.


This material is based on work supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory under Contract #FA8650-10-D-5210, Task Order #023 and performed at Iowa State University.

DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release: distribution unlimited; 19 Aug 2016; 88ABW-2016-4051.

This material is based on work supported by NASA under Contract NNX16CL31C and performed by Iowa State University as a subcontractor to TRI Austin.

Approved for public release by TRI Austin: distribution unlimited; 02 August 2018; by Carl W. Magnuson (NDE Division Director).

CEFDatabrowse Install Instructions

Dependencies are platform specific and can be found in requirements.

From PIP:

`> pip install databrowse`

From source:

`> cd databrowse_source_dir`
`> python install`



  • Added find function (ctrl+f) in CEFDatabrowse
  • Improved error reporting in CEFDatabrowse
  • Switched from x3dom to x_ite (x_ite supports built in x3d scripts)
  • Added v1 of no provenance mode to db_generic_XML_file (removes all lip:process tags)
  • Added v1 of data fusion custom view to db_directory (Simple search function and render for any tag in .xlp or .xlg files in current directory)
  • Added v1 of db_git plugin (displays relavant details of a git repository such as commit history, directory structure, modified files/untracked files, and current branch) Requires GITPython module.
  • Added prompt during install to allow user to decide if they want to use pip to automatically install dependencies or not
  • CEFDatabrowse now uses user directory based configuration files instead of system wide config files.
  • Many bug fixes


  • Approval for Public release following work with TRI Austin
  • CEFDatabrowse, a server-less client, Implemented
  • SDT File Viewer Plugin Implemented
  • 3D Model Viewer Plugin Implemented
  • Serial log viewer Plugin for LIMATIX thermoconductivity demo
  • Magic bug fixes
  • Various other bug fixes


  • Approval for Public Release
  • Packaging Cleanup
  • License Change to BSD-3


  • Databrowse Library Implemented
  • Restructuring of Files for Packaging Completed
  • Starting of Documentation
  • Restructuring of Directory Plugin Output
  • Complete Reworking of Speicmen Database Plugins
  • Numerous Updates to Dataguzzler and DatacollectV2 Plugins
  • All Use of etree.register_namespace Global Removed and Basic Namespace Handling Implemented
  • Numerous Bugfixes


  • Directory Restructuring For Distribution
  • Style Updates for Several Plugins
  • Tabular Views in DatacollectV2 Plugin
  • Minor Bugfixes


  • Major Updates to DatacollectV2, Checklist, Specimen/Xducer, and Dataguzzler
  • Numerous Bugfixes
  • Branch Merges


  • Plugins Restructures into Python Modules
  • Numerous Plugin Updates and Bugfixes
  • Menus and Location Bars Added
  • Numerous Style Updates


  • Numerous Plugin Updates
  • New Stylesheet using latest version of ISU Template


  • Initial Commit of Baseline Plugins and Basic Infrastructure
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