An open multiple patterning framework
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OpenMPL stands for open multiple patterning lithography framework.


  • Limbo: require LIMBO_DIR environment variable to the path where Limbo is installed. OpenMPL is based on Limbo library.

How To Compile

$ git clone
$ cd OpenMPL/src/mpl/
$ make

Here are some optional parameters when make :

# default DBG (debug) is off
DBG = 0
# default GPROF is off, used to enable runtime profiling
# default GUROBI is off 
# default LEMONCBC is off 
# default CSDP is off 
CSDP = 0


  • Contact or metal layer decomposition
  • Stitching
  • Support 3 or 4 coloring
  • Density control
  • Multi-threading
  • Small memory usage
  • Multiple algorithms: ILP (Gurobi or Lemon CBC), SDP (Csdp API), LP (Gurobi API)
  • Dancing Links

The Csdp API used in OpenMPL has been modified and built for threading safety at high level.

How To Execute

$ cd bin/
$ ./OpenMPL

A table of options :

-help (false)                toggle printing help message
-in                          input gds file name
-out ()                      output gds file name
-coloring_distance (0)       a floating point number indicating number of coloring distance in nanometer
-color_num                   an integer indicating number of masks (colors) < 3|4 >
-simplify_level (3)          an integer indicating graph simplification level < 0|1|2|3 >
-thread_num (1)              an integer indicating maximum thread number
-path_layer                  an integer indicating layer for conflict edges
-precolor_layer              an integer indicating layer for pre-colored patterns
-uncolor_layer               an integer indicating layer for coloring
-algo (BACKTRACK)            algorithm type < ILP|BACKTRACK|LP|SDP >
-shape (RECTANGLE)           shape mode < RECTANGLE|POLYGON >
-verbose (false)             toggle controling screen messages
-dbg_comp_id (4294967295)    debug component id

Now Dancing Links is an independent component, and the source code is in /src/dlx. One example is in DL_main.cpp.

One exmaple : /bin/


  • BSD-3-clause License [LINK]


Name Affiliation email
Yibo Lin ECE Dept, UT Austin
Bei Yu CSE Dept, CUHK
Qi Sun CSE Dept, CUHK
David Z. Pan ECE Dept, UT Austin