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'jQueryValidatorUI is not defined' error. #12

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Kevin Stricker limcheekin
Kevin Stricker

This StackOverflow question refers to the problem this patch addresses. It is caused by the resources plugin bundling the qTip javascript with this plugin's javascript (causing the "use strict" in qTip to be applied to both).


Thanks for the fix. I will look into it on this weekend and probably publish a bugfix release.

limcheekin limcheekin merged commit 4e6c455 into from July 28, 2012
limcheekin limcheekin closed this July 28, 2012
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Jul 26, 2012
Kevin Stricker Fix javascript error caused by resources plugin bundling/use strict i…
…n qtip.
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2  web-app/js/jquery-validation-ui/grails-validation-methods.js
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ jQuery.validator.addMethod("phone", function(value, element, params) {
67 67
 }, 'Invalid international phone number.');
68 68
69 69
 // amended from existing remote method
-JQueryValidatorUI = {
+var JQueryValidatorUI = {
71 71
   remote: function(validator, constraint, value, element, params) { 
72 72
 			if ( validator.optional(element) )
73 73
 				return "dependency-mismatch";

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