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UnlimitJS brings chaining to native JavaScript objects without extending objects' prototypes. It has a simply API and increases the readability of common code.

  1. for in loops are safe to use
  2. Chaining is super easy obj[fun]()[fun]()
  3. Unlimitjs is Javascript, no compiling

UnlimitJS intends to bring chaining and readability to Javascript.
Instead of writing:trim(' string ') you write ' string '[trim]()

var trim = function(){
  return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,'');

' string '[trim]();

UnlimitJS is 436 bytes gzipped and compressed. UnlimitJs has been tested and works in IE6+, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome and Opera. For node.js users simply do

npm install unlimit

##API Calling [Unlimit]() binds the this context to the object you are calling on.

var yell = function(){
  return alert(''+this);

'This string is bond to "this" in function.'[yell]()

Calling [Unlimit](true) tells the object your calling on to be passed as the first argument to the function.

var yell = function(obj){
  return alert(''+obj);

'1st argument is bound to this string.'[yell]()

Calling object[Unlimit](function(){}) allows you to unlimit objects other then Function. s.

var yell = {};
'This string is bond to the attached function.'[yell]()

Checkout the site for more info and examples.

Unlimit is licensed under the MIT license.