An OSX application that simplifies development and debugging of CoreData enabled applications.
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CoreDataPro - CoreDataUtility

CoreDataPro lets you view explore your datamodel and view data that your application has stored. I am looking forward to your feedback and help making this project more powerful and useful.


CoreDataPro is an OSX application developed by mFluent LLC and is meant to simplify the development and debugging of CoreData enabled applications.

CoreDataPro is an application that was going to be sold in App Store but due to Apple's Sandbox limitations it would need to be changed in such ways that would make it almost useless.

This project was an internal tool. It was created because of the lack of good tools that make it easy to debug and develop applications that use Core Data.

Source Code

I am working on it. It is coming soon...

Getting Started

  1. To get started using the CoreDataPro. Download the binary from here:

  2. Unzip that into your Applications directory and run it.

  3. Select File->New Project

  4. Run the app that you want to debug

  5. In CoreDataPro Pick File, OSX, or IOS (Simulator only) tab

  6. Select your APP or .MOM file

  7. Select your persistence file (this is stored where ever you told the app to store it)

  8. Explore the features of CoreDataPro

Project Goals

Make it very easy to view/debug core data persistence.

Similar Tools

In many ways CoreDataUtility is similar to CoreDataEditor.

This tool looks really cool but I never quite figured it out:

This tool looks good:


*** This is a very early work in progress so there is still a lot to do. ***

  • Enable changing of core data persistence files
  • Enable directly viewing/modifying CoreData files running on physical device that is on same lan
  • Automatically track iOS app directory and persistence files