A literate-programming version of Rich Hickey's ants simulation, in Clojure, using Emacs Org mode
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Clojure Ants - a Literate Programming Version

This is a literate programming style version of Rich Hickey's Clojure ants simulator, using Emacs and the peerless Org mode. It's meant mainly as a demonstration of the literate programming capabilities of Org mode.

NOTE: if you're reading this on Github and click on the link above for the literate-ants.org file, what you'll see is NOT the intended formatting, Github does not render *.org files correctly. Instead, please view the file from within Emacs Org mode.


  1. You'll need a recent version of Emacs (e.g. 24.3.x) as well as Org mode (7.9.x, or 8.x). For Ubuntu users, you can install a current version of Emacs using Damien Cassou's PPA. Once Emacs loads, do M-x list-packages then find Org, i to mark it for installation, x to install.
  2. Then load the literate-ants.org file w/ Emacs with CTRL-x-f.
  3. Produce or "tangle" the Clojure source file from it, the keyboard shortcut is CTRL-c-v-t.
  4. Start a shell within the same directory where the .org and new .clj files are, run lein deps then lein repl.
  5. Start the ants simulator from the REPL with the expression below (it's also in the last section of literate-ants.org):
  (load-file "./literate-ants.clj")  ; Might be *.clojure on some systems!
  (def ants (setup))
  (send-off animator animation)
  (dorun (map #(send-off % behave) ants))
  (send-off evaporator evaporation))

Essentials to try/read

Assuming you're looking at the literate-ants.org file from within Emacs24 with Org mode active:

  • SHIFT-TAB will cycle the display: top-level headings only, all headings, or fully-expanded.
  • CTRL-c-v-t will tangle code; Org will process each code block below, and generate the source file literate-ants.clj
  • Within a code block, CTRL-c-' will open a buffer to edit the code. For full power, be sure the Emacs packages of clojure-mode, paredit, and nrepl are installed - fairly straightforward using ELPA: from Emacs24 just do M-x package-list-packages, move the cursor to the package of interest, hit i to mark it for installation, hit x to proceed with installation.
  • Export this file to HTML with CTRL-c-e h or, to export AND see it immediately in a browser window, CTRL-c-e b.
  • Org docs: main documentation especially sections on structure, links, markup, and literate programming features.


The original ants.clj source is copyright (c) Rich Hickey; all rights reserved. This literate programming version is copyright (c) Kai Wu.

Both ants.clj and literate-ants.org are distributed under the Common Public License 1.0.