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A Newrelic plugin to send detailed processes statistics to newrelic at a per process level. Allowing you to gain a detailed insight into process footprint on a server. This plugin allows you to collect detailed metrics of processes and forward them onto Newrelic, at present the plugin collects the following metrics at a per process level:

  • Disk - Megabytes read from block device - Megabytes written to block device
  • VM - Memory used - Major faults - Minor faults - break down of memory usage
  • CPU - voluntary context swtich count - involuntary context switch count - thread count - usr time - sys time
  • Network - Network states

Still To DO:

  • Write init script
  • Package script (add it to pypi)
  • Add argument parse:
    • to accept config file
    • Set logging level


Plugin requires the following packages

Python package:

  • python >= 2.7 (>=2.7.9 recommended)
  • requests
  • psutil
  • PyYAML

Linux packages:

  • sysstat


Clone repo

 $ git clone
 $ nohup python newrelic_procstat/ & 


Edit the config.yml file and add the name of the process you want to monitor

Run it:

nohup python &