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Uliweb Change Log
0.1.2 Version
#. Fix permission tag, and change PERMISSION definitions in settings.ini, now the
PERMISSION definition can use dict datatype, just like::
PERM = {'name':'PERM', 'roles':['a', 'b'], 'description':'PERM}
and with this method, you don't need to define ROLES_PERMISSIONS section
#. Add TransactionMiddle as default settings in ORM settings.ini. By default, if
you add 'uliweb.contrib.orm', the transaction middleware will automatically
enabled. In the previous version, you should add this middleware yourself.
#. Add app arguments to exportstatic command
#. Remove --with-static option of export command, so default behavior is export
static folder
#. Fix default file_serving process, add x_filename process, in order to make
alt filename support processing correctly.
#. Add -m option to find command, so you can use::
uliweb find -m model_name
to find the model is defined in which model
#. Add manytomany parameter to Model.delete() function, so it'll automatically
delete manytomany relationships.
#. Add tables app to uliweb.
#. Add GenericReference and GenericRalation support
#. Add BigIntegerProperty support, the shorthand is Field(BIGINT)
#. Add __pk_type__ variable, current is 'int', others will be 'biginteger',
you can use set_pk_type(name) to switch it, also add PKTYPE() function, you
can use Field(PKTYPE()) to create ForeignKey Property according the option,
in web project, you can swith it via ORM/PK_TYPE
#. Add delete_fieldname parameter to Model.delete(), so if you pass True, it'll
assume the delete_fieldname is 'deleted', and if you pass real field_name it'll
use it directly. This way will not delete the record at all, just change the
delete_fieldname value from False to True.
#. Fix RemoteField default datatype as int and default value is None.
#. Refactor the ReferenceProperty datatype process.
#. Add _class and id parameter to Form, and fix form_class process
#. Refactor template, add BaseBlockNode class, and add end() process for block type node.
0.1.1 Version
#. Add BAE(Baidu Application Engine) and Heroku support
0.0.1 Version
#. Support i18n language setting key in query_string, and you can also configure
keyword in settings.ini.
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