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A Python bot SDK for Limoo
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Limoo Python SDK

A Python SDK for Limoo.

Wondering what Limoo is? Visit

Give Limoo a try:


aiohttp >= 3.6

Example usage

# Create a new LimooDriver instance given limoo server, bot username and bot password
async with LimooDriver('', 'test_bot_username', 'test_bot_password') as ld:
    # find the id of the user we're logged in as
    my_info = await ld.request(LimooDriver.Method.GET, 'user/items/self')
    # A listener which is notified whenever a new message is sent in any conversation of the workspace
    async def listener(ld, event):

        # Send a message in the thread of the new message (msg can be root of a thread only if its threadRootId is null)
	if not event['data']['message']['thread_root_id']:
	    body = {
                'text': 'Got your message.',
		'thread_root_id': event['data']['message']['thread_root_id'],
            await ld.send(event['data']['message']['conversation_id'], body)

    # Register the listener

    # Start listening

    # Sleep for a five minutes
    await asyncio.sleep(300)

Bot creation

In order to create a bot, send the following command in your direct conversation with Limoo Bot:

/ساخت-بات my_bot bot_nickname

Note that only admins of the workspace can create bots.

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