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Booked (phpscheduleit) plugin for Zaf

Booked is opensource reservation system using PHP. More info can be found at http://www.bookedscheduler.com/. This Zaf plugin supports fetching informations from this system and find if there is some reservation in given time range. This is usefull for scripting and alerting.

How to use

Note: If you need more info about installing zaf: https://github.com/limosek/zaf

Note: You can find more examples on my site

First, create account in Booked with required access to system and enable API. Next, simply install

zaf install booked

It will ask you for url to booked API, username and password. After it, import template into Zabbix server: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/limosek/zaf-plugins/master/booked/template.xml

Supported items

Items supported now.


This item will return 0 or 1 depending on fact, if reservation at given time is first at given timerange.

To test, if reservation after 1 hour is first at this day:



This item will return number of reservations in given timerange.

To get number of reservations tomorow: