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LinkPlay based media devices integration for Home Assistant
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Please ⭐️ this repo if you find it useful

LinkPlay devices integration for Home Assistant

Collaborators wanted! This component was transferred to this repository to save from death as a result of moral obsolescence of the code. But now I don’t have the opportunity to fully support it and develop the code.

If you can help with developing this component, I will be very grateful to you. Please, message to me.

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This component allows you to integrate control of audio devices based on LinkPlay platform into your Home Assistant smart home system.

LinkPlay platform makes it easy to create a variety of modern audio systems. There are already quite a few manufacturers and devices that operate on the basis of LinkPlay. Here are just some of the firms and devices: August (WS300G), Audio Pro (A10, A40, Addon C3/C5/C5A/C10/C-SUB, D-1, Drumfire, Link 1), Auna (Intelligence Tube), Bauhn (SoundMax 5), Bem (Speaker Big Mo), Centaurus (Flyears), Champion (AWF320), COWIN (DiDa, Thunder), Crystal Acoustics (Crystal Audio), CVTE (FD2140), Dayton Audio (AERO), DOSS (Deshi, Soundbox Mini, DOSS Assistant, Cloud Fox A1), DYON (DYON Area Player), Edifier (MA1), Energy Sistem (Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi, Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi), FABRIQ (Chorus, Riff), First Alert (Onelink Safe & Sound), GE Sol (C), GGMM (E2 Wireless, E3 Wireless, E5 Wireless), GIEC (Hi-Fi Smart Sound S1), Harman Kardon (Allure), Hyundai (Modern Oxygen Bar), iDeaUSA (iDEaHome, Home Speaker, Mini Home Soundbar), iHome (iAVS16), iLive (Concierge, Platinum), iLuv (Aud Air, Aud Click Shower, Aud Click), JAM Audio (Voice, Symphony, Rhythm), JD (CrazyBoa 2Face), Lowes (Showbox), Magnavox (MSH315V), Medion (MD43631, MedionX MD43259), Meidong (Meidong 3119), MK (MK Alexa Speaker), MÜZO (Cobblestone), Naxa (NAS-5003, NHS-5002, NAS-5001, NAS-5000), Nexum (Memo), Omaker (WoW), Omars (Dogo), Polaroid (PWF1001), Roxcore (Roxcore), Sharper Image (SWF1002), Shenzhen Renqing Technology Ltd (ROCKLAVA), Sonoé (iEast SoundStream, iEast Stream Pro, iEast StreamAmp AM160, iEast StreamAmp i50B), SoundBot (SB600), SoundLogic (Buddy), Stereoboommm (MR200, MR300), Tibo (Choros Tap), Tinman (Smart JOJO), Venz (A501), Uyesee (AM160), Youzhuan (Intelligent Music Ceiling), Zolo Audio (Holo), etc.

Component setup instructions

  1. Create a directory custom_components in your Home Assistant configuration directory.

  2. Create a directory linkplay in custom_components directory.

  3. Copy linkplay directory from this project including all files and sub-directories into the directory custom_components.

    It should look similar to this after installation:

    |-- custom_components/
    |   |-- linkplay/
    |       |--
    |       |-- manifest.json
    |       |-- etc...
  4. To add LinkPlay device to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

    # Example configuration.yaml entry
      - platform: linkplay
        host: YOUR_IP_ADDRESS 

Configuration Variables

(string) (Required) The host name or IP address of the device that is running Emby.

(string) (Required) The name of the device, as it setted up in the official application.

(string) (Optional) Name to use in the frontend.
Default value: Identical to devicename value

(string) (Optional) API key to LastFM service to get album covers.

Track updates

You can automatically track new versions of this component and update it by custom-updater (deprecated) or HACS.

For custom-updater to initiate tracking add this lines to you configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    - components
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