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Twake - The Open Digital Workplace

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Twake is a secure open source collaboration platform to improve organizational productivity. Twake offers all the features for collaboration :

  • Team chat
  • File Storage
  • Team Calendar
  • Task Management
  • Video call and conferencing
  • Real time document collaboration


You can try Twake in SaaS.

Or run your own local Twake instance with :

cd twake
export COMPOSE_FILE=docker-compose.onpremise.yml
docker compose up -d

Twake will be running on http//localhost and by default redirect to https and uses a self-signed certificate. If you want to run http only then set SSL_CERTS=none at docker-compose.yml


Twake's documentation can be found at

More information at :


The Twake community is gathered on the forum:

If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to answer them.


We use Weblate for translation management. Create an account on weblate to improve our Twake internationalisation.

How to contribute

Everyone can contribute at their own level, even if they only give a few minutes of their time. Whatever you do, your help is very valuable. Only thanks to you Twake can be a powerful software. Check out how you can help

Manual install of Twake

Install Twake on your machine with docker-compose using the install documentation here :

cd twake; docker-compose -f docker-compose.onpremise.mongo.yml up -d

Twake will be available on port 3000.


Twake is licensed under Affero GPL v3 with additional terms