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Specially designed to secure paperless file sharings within companies that put privacy and traceability in the heart of their problems of exchange, LinShare provides a simple solution completely intuitive.

  • Linshare allows employees to upload files into their space
  • Linshare can share files with internal or external collaborators
  • Linshare offers several features to securely exchange

More information on

Live demo:

A Live demo of LinShare is available at This demo reflects the latest developments done on LinShare, it will be reseted and updated on regulary basis.

This instance of LinShare is set up with some test users, from user1 to user7 :

If you want to share with some external users, use these five email addresses to External users are just an email address without a LinShare account.

We also provide to emails adresses, who are also external accounts but you can use them to create guests.

NB: You won't able to send or receive emails if your email address is not

In order to see emails sent by LinShare, we also put at your disposal a webmail available at

Webmail passwords :

All repositories

LinShare is now splitted into multiple repositories. You can clone the whole project using the following commands :

Main repository:

NB: You can download all components using Maven:

$ mvn dependency:copy-dependencies -DoutputDirectory='linshare'

LinShare server components:

LinShare client components:

For tests and demonstration:

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