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LinShare Virtual machines


You can try LinShare using the following virtual machine. It is a pre-installed version of LinShare packaged as a box (cf Vagrant)



This box contains a full version of LinShare binded to an embedded ldap directory for tests. We suppose Vagrant and Virtualbox are installed.

First, you have to add a new box and create a new instance :

vagrant box add --name linshare_v2_beta3
mkdir -p ~/vagrants/beta3
cd ~/vagrants/beta3
vagrant init linshare_v2_beta3

A new file was created name 'Vagrantfile', edit it and enable/add the following line if it not already present : "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 30080

Then, you have to add these lines to your /etc/hosts file :    linshare-user.local    linshare-admin.local

Finally you can loggin to the admin interface linshare-admin.local:30080 using root@localhost.localdomain:adminlinshare and to the user interface linshare-user.local:30080 using the following credentials :

  • John Doe
    login :
    password : password1
  • Jane Smith
    login :
    password : password2