Contributing and coding in OpenPaas demystified through one tip per day.
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OpenPaas one tip per day

Here you will find a great daily OpenPaas tip that will teach you everything about this very big project.

How to contribute here?

Do not hesitate to send a beautiful PR! Follow those instructions.

Then your tip will directly be added and displayed with your name, in the official blog.

Running locally

This blog is powered by the awesome jekyll-now. You can run it locally by using Jekyll or Docker as described below.

Using Jekyll

Install the github-pages gem:

gem install github-pages

Then add a Gemfile file at the root of the repository with this content:

source ''
gem 'pygments.rb'
gem 'github-pages'

Finally run:

gem install bundler
bundle install
jekyll serve

And browse

Docker FTW

You can render the current repository in a Docker container with this single command:

docker run --rm --label=jekyll --volume=$(pwd):/srv/jekyll -it -p 4000:4000 jekyll/jekyll

Then browse http://DOCKER_IP:4000/openpaas-tip-of-the-day/

Tips list