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Simplified the GitHub PR code based on changes to the GitHubManager()…

… class
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kylekirkby committed Mar 25, 2020
1 parent 320cf37 commit 2efc886bad726733206fb7812db2c1b6ec14c731
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@@ -299,7 +299,6 @@ def setup_github_manager(self):
self.run_command("chmod 400 {}".format(full_ssh_path))
github_manager = GitHubManager(
"", self.work_directory, "/app", full_ssh_path, self.env["bamboo_github_access_password"], self.github_reviewers)

return github_manager

def escape_string(self, string):
@@ -420,10 +419,10 @@ def update_jekyll_posts(self):

# Commit and create the pull request
if self.github_manager.repo.is_dirty():
self.github_manager.commit_and_push("Session update - {}".format(
self.github_manager.create_github_pull_request("Session update for {}".format(current_date), "Session posts updated by the ConnectAutomation container.")
new_branch_name = "session-update-{}".format(current_date)
self.github_manager.create_github_pull_request(new_branch_name, "Session update for {}".format(current_date), "Session posts updated by the ConnectAutomation container.")
self.github_manager.run_git_command("git checkout master")
print("No changes to push!")

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