Givaro - C++ library for arithmetic and algebraic computations
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Latest commit 02b55e9 Feb 6, 2017 @jgdumas jgdumas $ brew install gmp autoconf automake libtool
Warning: autoconf-2.69 already installed
Warning: automake-1.15 already installed
Warning: libtool-2.4.6_1 already installed
Error: gmp-6.1.1 already installed
To install this version, first `brew unlink gmp`


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Download and install

For lastest releases, please check out this website; older releases can be found on that website. Then, you can install doing:

> tar -zxvf givaro-*.tar.gz
> cd givaro-*
> ./configure --prefix=##GIVAROROOT#
> make install

Configuration can be adapted. Check configure --help to print the parameter choices.

In particular if GMP is not installed to the default location you might need to add for instance --with-gmp=##GMPROOT#/gmp-x-y-z to the configure line.

Also, on non-Linux systems you might need to use gmake instead of make.

Compile your own files

Givaro uses pkgconfig to expose the compilation flags it requires.

You will get the compilation flags by calling

pkg-config --cflags givaro

and the linking flags by calling

pkg-config --libs givaro

If you have installed givaro in a non-standard directory (such as /usr/local), make sure to have added the path where to find givaro's .pc file to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}:<path to your givaro install>/lib/pkgconfig

An alternative option is to just add the following line to your Makefile. Then a simple call will compile your C and C++ files.

include ##GIVAROROOT##/bin/givaro-makefile