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Wrong timestamp for new article/discussion #16

linc opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Probably only effects discussion's DateInserted, not comments.

@linc linc was assigned

Here's a workaround that I just came up with that reinserts DateUpdated and DateLastComment into the new discussion that is created after the WP post is published. It seemed to do the trick when I tested it several minutes ago.

At the end of function glue_add_discussion($postid) in glue.php:

// Workaround for incorrect DateUpdated and DateLastComment timestamps after the discussion is created on Vanilla. 
// Reinserts DateUpdated and DateLastComment to the newly created discussion on Vanilla. 
global $wpdb; 
$wpdb->update(VANILLA_PREFIX.'Discussion', array('DateUpdated' => $the_post->post_date, 'DateLastComment' => $the_post->post_date), array('DiscussionID' => $DiscussionID));
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