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Documentation regarding Django best practices
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Proxy to gunicorn, not apache

Thanks Ernest for the report!
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.static added .static directory. sphinx-build wasnt working properly
apps Beginning of re-tooling applications documentation
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examples Proxy to gunicorn, not apache
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applications.txt Fixed Thai-po.
code.txt WIP getting this back up-to-date Adds date last updated
index.txt Beginning of re-tooling applications documentation
projects.txt Fixes bad formatting


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This project started as a fork of the great django-reusable-app-docs project started by Brian Rosner and Eric Holscher regarding best practices for writing and maintaining reusable Django apps.

We wanted to expand on the idea and create general "best practices" documentation for Django Web development encompassing ideas that are outside the scope of the official documentation. For more information, read the project announcement.

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