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Django Best Practices
This is a living document of best practices in developing and deploying with the `Django Web framework <>`__. These should not be seen as the *right* way or the *only* way to work with Django, but instead best practices we've honed after years of working with the framework.
It is a fork of the great `django-reusable-app-docs project <>`__ started by `Brian Rosner <>`__ and `Eric Holscher <>`_ regarding best practices for writing and maintaining reusable Django apps.
.. note:: The source code for this documentation lives on GitHub as `django-best-practices <>`__ and can be built in a number of formats using `Sphinx <>`__.
See a problem? Disagree with something? Want to see other topics covered? **We'd love to hear your feedback!** `Email us <>`__ or `file an issue <>`__.
Table of Contents
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