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fix hardcoded path #5

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@yml yml merged commit 20dc366 into lincolnloop:develop
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Commits on Jul 5, 2011
  1. @sk1p

    fix hardcoded path

    sk1p committed
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7 salmonella/templates/salmonella/admin/widgets/salmonella_field.html
@@ -1,13 +1,8 @@
{{ hidden_input }}
<a href="{{related_url }}{{ url }}" data-name="{{ name }}" data-app="{{ app_name }}" data-model="{{ model_name }}" class="salmonella-related-lookup" id="lookup_id_{{ name }}" >
- <img src="/static/admin/img/admin/selector-search.gif" alt="Lookup" height="16" width="16">
+ <img src="{{ admin_media_prefix }}img/admin/selector-search.gif" alt="Lookup" height="16" width="16">
<a data-name="developers" data-app="{{ app_name }}" data-model="{{ model_name }}" class="salmonella-clear-field">
<img src="{{ admin_media_prefix }}img/admin/icon_deletelink.gif" alt="Lookup" height="10" width="10">
<span class="salmonella_label" id="{{ name }}_salmonella_label"></span>
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