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+StartProject installs a script which allows the easy creation of a standard
+Django project layout based on Lincoln Loop standards.
+Script usage
+After installing StartProject, simply run the following command (from within
+the directory in where the new project directory should be created)::
+ project_name
+The script will prompt for values to replace boilerplate variables with. These
+variables allow for both the file contents and path names to be customized to
+this specific project.
+Using a custom project template
+If you would prefer to use a custom project template than the one included in
+this application, create your custom project template directory and call the
+command script like this::
+ --template-dir=/your/custom/template project_name
+Specifying boilerplate variables
+Two optional files in the root of the project template directory are used to
+determine the boilerplate variables:
+ Each line should contain the boilerplate variable (and optionally, a
+ description of the variable, separated from the variable by white space).
+ Each line should contain a variable and the default value, separated by
+ whitespace. If the default value contains ``PROJECT``, it is replaced with
+ the project name.
+See the files included in the project_template directory of StartProject for
+an example.
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