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A mini-site for checking Google's Gmail feed with Oauth.
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A mini-site for checking Google's GMail feed with Oauth. See a live example at


Copy to and fill in the necessary information.

  • SECRET_KEY is used by Flask. Run import os; os.random(24) and paste its results
  • CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET will work as is, or you can register your app and get a key/secret from Google
  • TEST_GOOGLE_EMAIL and TEST_GOOGLE_PASSWORD can be used to test your application, but aren't required otherwise.


To run using the App Engine SDK, simply run: .

within this directory.

To run outside of App Engine, either:

  • add lib to your PYTHONPATH, or
  • pip install -r requirements.pip

then run:


Test (optional)

Testing is done using Twill. It is easiest to install the requirements via pip install -r requirements.pip, then run:

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