An easy-to-use Fabric script for deploying Python projects
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This project has been deprecated in favor of the amazing pip project. For more info about using pip to deploy Django and Python projects, see Project Bootstrapping - Django Best Practices.


easy_install Fabric virtualenv


Create a folder that will serve as the home for your project source code and virtual environment. Drop and into the directory and run:

fab bootstrap

This will create two new folders in the directory src, containing all the downloaded source code, and ve, which is a virtualenv that can be activated with source ve/bin/activate.

Usage is a simple Python file that should contain all the dependencies for your project. requirements is a list of Python dictionaries defining the external dependencies. Valid keys are:

  • name: Used for naming the source folder (required)
  • dist: Distribution method for the package, valid options are bzr, git, hg, pypi, svn, wget (required)
  • package: The Python package assumed to be inside the source folder. If not provided, the use of distutils (python install) is assumed (optional)
  • url: URL to source (optional)
  • rev: Revision to download. If not defined, the most recent available version will be used. (optional)
  • branch: Branch to use, git and hg only. (optional)