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This project is unmaintained

My need for simple monitoring quickly became a need for more complex monitoring. I'm no longer using Salmon, as such, I'm no longer maintaining it. If you would like to continue developing Salmon, feel free to fork the repo and we can point this to your fork.

A simple monitoring system built on top of Django.

The intent is to serve both as an alerting system like monit and a monitoring system like munin (using Graphite's whisper database).

The original release of Salmon was coupled to Salt and designed to monitor servers (Sal t Mon itor). As of v0.2.0, the system has been decoupled from Salt and ingests data via a simple HTTP interface.


To bootstrap the project:

virtualenv salmon
source salmon/bin/activate
pip install salmon
salmon init
salmon upgrade
salmon collectstatic

Fire up the web server with:

salmon start

Sending Metrics to Salmon

Metrics are sent in as JSON over HTTP. The format for a single metric:

    "source": "",
    "name": "load",
    "value": 0.1

Multiple metrics can be sent as an array:

    {"source": "", "name": "load", "value": 0.1},
    {"source": "", "name": "cpu", "value": 55.5}

The API endpoint is /api/v1/metric/. If your Salmon server lives at, you can POST to Pass in your API key as found in ~/.salmon/ for authentication. Using Curl, it would look something like this:

curl -i --user "<API_KEY>:" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -X POST \
     -d '{"source": "", "name": "load", "value": 0.1}' \

Using Salt

  1. Setup the salt-stats states on your master or just grab the salmon returner
  2. Add the path to your Salmon install and API key (found in ~/.salmon/ to your Salt Pillar. (salmon pillar example)
  3. Add a schedule pillar. (schedule pillar example)
  4. Run salt '*' saltutil.sync_all

Note: To use Salt's ps module, psutil must be installed on the minions. Ubuntu provides a python-psutil package or it can be installed via pip install psutil.