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Arduino Interface Library for ITeadStudio Colorduino and Colors Shield
Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Sam C. Lin <>

To install, copy libraries/Colorduino to your <arduino sketchbook folder>/libraries/Colorduino folder.
ColorduinoPlasma.pde is a sample program which uses the library.  It displays an animated plasma on an 8x8 LED matrix

NOTE: Later versions of Arduino make the library run slowly. It's easy to see because ColorduinoPlasma runs slowly in a step-like version. I'm not sure which version triggers the slowdown, but my testing with Arduino 1.6.3 -> 1.8.1 all exhibit the slowdown. Arduino 1.0.2 runs full speed

Modified: Removed the inefficient digitalPinToBitMask() and digitalPinToPort(), which was causing the sketch to run very slow if compiled by later versions of Arduino.