My version of the RabbitMQ tutorial code in clojure using wabbitmq
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I ported the first 5 examples from:

into clojure using the WabbitMQ library:
to help me understand how to interact with RabbitMQ using clojure.
I wrote a main function to make it a little easier to interact with the samples.
Here is what lein run --help produces:

An interface to all of the RabbintMQ tutorials I converted to clojure
  --tut <arg>   which toturial to run. (hello, work, publish, route, topics) 
  --role <arg>  which role to play consumer or producer (c,p)                

If I wanted to run the producer for the first sample I would start it like so:

lein run --tut hello --role p

and the consumer would be:

lein run --tut hello --role c

I read the tutorials and worked on the clojure code while I read the tutorails
while I worked on each of these examples.  The tutorials write ups were very
helpful. Check them out yourself