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Commits on Jun 29, 2011
  1. @sikachu
  2. @sikachu
  3. @alexgodin
  4. @ryansch @sikachu

    Falling back from mv to cp/rm on error.

    ryansch authored sikachu committed
    Closes #388
  5. @cainlevy @sikachu

    calculate fingerprints efficiently on large files using Digest::MD5.f…

    cainlevy authored sikachu committed
    The tests would broken for StringIO, because it doesn't have a real "path". I've modify the patch to make the test stop complaining [@sikachu]
    This closes #470
Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. @alexgodin
  2. @alexgodin
  3. @alexgodin
  4. @jyurek

    Version 2.3.12

    jyurek authored
  5. @jyurek

    Add a #to_param interpolation

    jyurek authored
  6. @alexgodin

    Merge pull request #456 from maxim/master

    alexgodin authored
    Editing the readme to include information on `:hash`
  7. @alexgodin

    changed copyright

    alexgodin authored
Commits on Jun 25, 2011
  1. @gabebw

    Fix gem homepage

    gabebw authored
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
  1. @sikachu

    Edit README to fix Typo

    sikachu authored
    Closes #286
  2. @samlecuyer @sikachu

    add selective processing for thumbanils

    samlecuyer authored sikachu committed
    Closes #499
  3. @pvdb @sikachu

    the :default_url option for has_attached_file can now also be a Proc/…

    pvdb authored sikachu committed
    …lamba, which gets executed *before* it gets interpolated
    Closes #253, Closes #360
  4. @sikachu

    Add test case for #285

    sikachu authored
  5. @sikachu

    Compatability => Compatibility :+1+

    sikachu authored
    Closes #332
Commits on Jun 20, 2011
  1. @sikachu

    Fixing whitespace issue :bomb:

    sikachu authored
  2. @mikel @sikachu

    Allow :s3_host_alias to be a proc for dynamic cdn generation

    mikel authored sikachu committed
  3. @dmitry @sikachu

    Added possibility to the rake task to refresh only selected styles of…

    dmitry authored sikachu committed
    … the thumbnail.
    Closes #466
  4. @german @sikachu

    making paperclip compatible not only with ActiveRecord ORM

    german authored sikachu committed
    This patch only avoid reference to `ActiveRecord::Base.logger` if `ActiveRecord` is not available
  5. @sikachu

    `Module#const_get` was unreliable on returning the right constant. We…

    sikachu authored
    … should check if the constant has been defined first before trying to call `Module#const_get`
  6. @sikachu

    Fix problem that Module#const_get might try to lookup the constant in…

    sikachu authored
    … the ancestor class, and fixing the strange error from Rails 2.3.x dependency management
    Closes #478
  7. @fxposter @sikachu
  8. @sikachu

    Add animated image support in thumbnail generation

    sikachu authored
    There's a case when you really don't want to make a thumbnail of only the first frame, such as making thumbnail for GIF image. This patch will check that the source and output format is an animated format, and not calling `[0]` on it.
    Closes #454
  9. @sorentwo @sikachu

    Change S3 storage behavior to get the content_type for each upload, r…

    sorentwo authored sikachu committed
    …ather than only the original file. This prevents a still frame from a video or a conversion of a file from being served with the original mimetype.
    Closes #38, #129
  10. @wnadeau @sikachu

    added support for SVG mime-type recognition. Closes #493

    wnadeau authored sikachu committed
    `convert` will pick this up automatically. :)
  11. @sikachu
  12. @zgchurch @sikachu

    Fix issue where custom processors are not loaded in Rails 3

    zgchurch authored sikachu committed
    In Rails 3, Paperclip gem being loaded before the Rails object is properly configured and causing those processors not get require'd. This patch should fix that by lazy-loaded the processor.
    Closes #206, #233, #247, #480, #494
Commits on Jun 19, 2011
  1. @sikachu
Commits on Jun 17, 2011
  1. @ralph @jyurek

    add fog documentation

    ralph authored jyurek committed
  2. @ralph @jyurek

    allow to specify a wildcard host to distribute requests across multip…

    ralph authored jyurek committed
    …le subdomains
Commits on Jun 15, 2011
  1. add a note about paperclip-meta

    Chad Pytel authored
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