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José vs OSS


He's José Valim. He does a lot of open source. So let's help him to fight Gihub issues.

It's Google Chrome and Firefox extension that adds 6 additional buttons to help @josevalim manage open source projects on Github.

  • Sample app button - post comment with the following text: Can you please provide a sample application that reproduces the error?
  • Wiki button - close an issue with the following text: The wiki is maintained by the community. So if there aren't any up to date instructions, we recommend you to explore the solution yourself and hopefully contribute your findings back!
  • Mailing list button - close an issue with the following comment: Please use the mailing list or StackOverflow for questions/help, where a wider community will be able to help you. We reserve the issues tracker for issues only.
  • Bad bug report button - close an issue with the following comment: You need to give us more information on how to reproduce this issue, otherwise there is nothing we can do. Please read CONTRIBUTING.md file for more information about creating bug reports. Thanks!
  • Shipit button - post comment with :shipit: emoji.
  • Heart button - post comment with ❤️ 💚 💙 💛 💜 emoji combo, known as @carlosantoniodasilva's combo.



Current status

It's in Chrome Web Store - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jose-vs-oss/gedgfhlllblnfgmdfemiiepeldmppgmk. Also you can install this in two other ways:

  • clone this repo, go to the chrome://chrome/extensions/, switch to 'Developer mode' on and 'Load unpacked extension'.
  • or you can use dotjs. wget https://github.com/nashby/jose-vs-oss/raw/master/jose.js -O ~/.js/github.com.js

It's in Firefox addons store too! It's not reviewed yet but you can install it anyway - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/jose-vs-oss/