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Game7 Reversible

Game 7 - A Two-Player Game on Split Screen

In Reversible, two players are controlling two characters that is bounded within a black and white world and they are separated by a large glass.

In order to break the glass and meet with each other, they need to collaborate and solve the color puzzle within the world: the world is symmetrical around the center of the glass and the objects are identical, except reversed in orientation; the players need to make every objects reversed in color to solve the puzzle. Some objects might be “invisible” due to their color blending into the background, challenging the players to compare their environment and guide each other to find the “invisible” object.

There are duplicate objects in one side (the apples) that the player must identify and teleport to the other side of the glass, so the other player can pick it up from the teleporter and put back to the same location (full interaction shown on the right).