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Fresh off the release of macOS Sierra, we've got a new version of AutoPkgr that includes some important fixes for 10.12 compatibility. We've also added amazingly easy one-click integration with the great new VirusTotalAnalyzer processor from Hannes Juutilainen, which checks downloaded files against the VirusTotal database.

Important note: this version of AutoPkgr no longer supports OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).

If you have any questions, find us on Slack or Google Groups. If you find a reproducible bug, we'd love it if you'd open an issue on GitHub. Thanks!




  • Updated versions of MMMarkdown and MailCore2 used in AutoPkgr.
  • Clarified wording on the selective notifications picker (thanks to @poundbangbash for the wordsmithing).
  • Prepared for localization, starting with French. (#537, big thanks to Guillaume Gete)
  • Left-aligned results of recipe searches.
  • Updated hard-coded default list of AutoPkg repos used when GitHub is not accessible.


  • Fixed issues with storing notification credentials in the AutoPkgr keychain in macOS Sierra. (#554, #555)
  • Fixed the AutoPkgr Slack bot icon URL. (#527)
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent notifications from being sent if the notification trigger actions were never customized. (#533)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the width of the AutoPkgr window to snap back to defaults when clicking on the Notifications tab. (#499)
  • Some typos found and corrected.


  • Removed 10.8 support. AutoPkgr now requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.