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AutoPkg 2.0 transition notes for AutoPkgr users

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  • ⚠️ AutoPkgr 1.5.1 is not compatible with AutoPkg 2.0. Install AutoPkgr 1.5.2 before installing AutoPkg 2.0.
  • Despite this, AutoPkgr will alert you that AutoPkg 2.0 is available in the next few weeks.
  • Wait to update your setup to AutoPkg 2.0 if you depend on JSSImporter.
  • Other custom processors may also not yet work with AutoPkg 2.0.
  • If you update to AutoPkg 2.0 and encounter unresolvable issues, you can simply install AutoPkg 1.4.1 again to get back on track.

Hello AutoPkgr users,

A major update to the AutoPkg command line tool is just around the corner. AutoPkg 2.0 is due in early February 2020, and when it's released you'll see an amber dot in AutoPkgr indicating the update is available:

AutoPkg 2.0 update available

However, you may want to consider the following before updating.

AutoPkg 2.0 will run in Python 3 only, and will no longer be compatible with Python 2. This transition should be smooth for most organizations, because the AutoPkg 2.0 release will ship with its own Python 3 framework. All of the core processors and most custom processors in the GitHub autopkg organization have been updated to be compatible with both AutoPkg 1.x (Python 2) and AutoPkg 2.x (Python 3).

However, there are some custom processors that will not yet work with AutoPkg 2.0. The most notable example is JSSImporter, which is still designed to run on Python 2 only.

If you use JSS recipes with your AutoPkg/AutoPkgr setup, we recommend remaining on AutoPkg 1.4.1 for the time being, to allow JSSImporter maintainers and contributors to work on Python 3 compatibility. If you are familiar with Python 2/3 development and wish to lend a hand, you can contact the JSSImporter maintainers in the #jss-importer Slack channel to coordinate your efforts.

If you do decide to update to AutoPkg 2.0, be sure to do a repo-update on the repositories that you utilize, to be sure you have the most up-to-date version of each recipe and processor you use. If you find that critical processors aren't compatible, you can always downgrade AutoPkg by installing the AutoPkg 1.4.1 package again (and ignoring the subsequent amber dot from AutoPkgr indicating an update is available).

For information about the AutoPkg 2.0 transition, read the relevant portions of the AutoPkg wiki, update your repositories, and check out the AutoPkg 2.0 release notes. If you still have questions, AutoPkgr-specific questions can be directed at the autopkgr-discuss mailing list. General AutoPkg questions can be asked in the #autopkg channel on Slack or in autopkg-discuss. Please use the GitHub issues on the AutoPkgr or AutoPkg repositories for reproducible bugs only.

Thank you!

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