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## Edit changes.xml with date of release, commit in CLI not IDE!
> svn ci src/changes/changes.xml -m "Preparing for release M.m.p"
## Make sure to run all the integration tests in a clean workspace.
> mvn clean
> mvn -Pit
## Activate a shell at SF and just logout from ssh to return.
> ssh -t <username>, create
> exit
## Get hold of the GPG passphrase for signing, you will need it now.
> mvn release:prepare
> mvn release:perform
## Now do the Nexus dance! Log in on Sonatype OSS at:
## Now follow the release guide at:
## Check that the website is properly deployed & update the front page.
## Optionally, upload new web-stuff using:
> scp <src> <username>,<target>
## SourceForge only:
> update the download section with the created jar packages
> update the maven-erlang-plugin-x.x.x-readme.txt file
>> mvn changes:announcement-generate
>> copy the new changes from target/announcement/announcemenet.vm into
the src/changes/maven-erlang-plugin-readme.txt file
>> copy it to maven-erlang-plugin-x.x.x-readme.txt and upload the
copied file
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