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Welcome to the ProVoc 5 wiki!

The dev branch contains an updated version of the original version 4.2.4 code base, which has been abandoned about 13 years ago by its original developer and maintainer Arizona Software. I took over where they left off, so this branch doesn't contain any of the changes committed to the master branch by Mike Holman ( – at least not yet. It'll stay right here until deemed stable enough to be merged to the master branch.

A lot has happened since the time when Macs were still powered by PowerPC processors and running MacOS X Tiger, the Dashboard was brand spanking new and Trekkies like me were still mourning the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise (yeah, I loved that show, and I still do).

So Star Trek aside, the main objective for now is simply that it can be built and run again on more recent system versions and maybe look a little more up-to-date.

To achieve this, several features had to be removed or disabled, at least for the time being (see below). But in the long run all of these features (at least those not requiring a website) should be coming back again, one at a time.

And this is what it now looks like:


Disabled Features

these will be coming back sooner or later:

  • Spotlight Indexer (due to codesigning issues)
  • Action Plugins (due to syntax errors and codesigning issues)
  • adding media files to vocabularies (the used system frameworks lacked 64Bit support and thus can’t be used any more; however the UI is still in place, but will most certainly not work)
  • Background plugins (due to codesigning issues)

Removed Features

these will be gone for good:

  • Update checks (the website hosting that information went offline quite a while ago)
  • sharing and downloading vocabularies (due to the defunct website)

Missing Features

future still unknown/undecided:

  • the Dashboard widget

Other noteworthy changes

ProVoc 5 ...

  • now sports a version number of 5.0.0
  • requires a 64Bit Mac running OS X El Capitan (version 10.11.0) or later
  • is now compatible with the most recent macOS versions (incl. macOS 11.0 beta 4)
  • can be built on macOS Mojave running Xcode 11.3.1 (other versions haven't been tested yet)
  • supports the macOS Dark mode (Catalina’s Auto appearance however hasn't been tested yet)
  • handles documents as expected when starting, according to the general system pereference "Close windows when quitting an app"
  • has a slightly redesigned document window to look a little more up-to-date
  • Contains lots of other, minor bugfixes, mostly under the hood (like deprecation fixes)
  • now uses Base localization with .strings files instead of localized NIBs, which may have broken many localizations, but will hugely improve the code maintainability

Known issues

  • the NIB localizations do not seem to work, at least not the German localization. Apparently Xcode 11 constantly uses wrong ObjectIDs when converting lozalized NIBs to .strings files.
  • not sandboxed yet (thus no hardened runtime either)

Please keep in mind that this is work in progress and only done in my spare time. And there's still a lot to be done.