Get location data from CoreLocation framework in MacOS
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This is get-location: a simple command-line tool to get location from CoreLocation service.


This tool uses the CoreLocation framework to find the current location of the machine it's running on. When found, the output is printed to stdout.


  • MacOS X (probably 10.6 or later?)


Hopefully, just type make.

Future plans:

It would be good if this tool had configuration for such things as:

  • amount of accuracy required

If you'd like to help make any of these happen, feel free to fork the github repo for this, and/or send me money to encourage my further development. :)

Past wish-list, now completed!

  • whether or not to wait for a non-cached result (added 2012-04-10) -- -r <results>
  • choosing (or even specifying) different output formats -- -f <format>


David Lindes.