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ttyload -- "graphical" tracking of UNIX load average in a terminal ("tty")
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Hi there,

This is ttyload.  It was originally inspired several years ago
when I (David Lindes, the original author) found myself with a
desire to track load averages over time on a UNIX(ish) machine
that I didn't have a way to run xload on (or any X application
actually -- it didn't have the libraries installed, and it was
not a reasonable choice to change that for that machine)...  I
figured this concept might come in handy in a variety of other
situations, such as when logged in on a non-graphical console,
or logging in remotely without an ability to forward X, etc...

So, I wrote it.  Now, when I originally wrote it, I was pretty
inexperienced, so, while I new about curses, and that it would
be nice to have this utility written with it, I didn't feel up
to figuring it out and making that go, so I just used the fact
that I happened to know a few ANSI escape sequences, and faked
it as best I could at that time.  Since then, I've found that,
indeed, this functionality does have times when it's useful...
And I know of no other utilities that perform quite this task.

For a while, I only needed it on one platform, and so I simply
recompiled it from time to time as I moved from one machine to
another.  But eventually I stopped having such a heterogeneous
environment, and wanted it for other platforms.  But different
platforms required different methods of getting data about the
load averages...  For a while, I didn't feel quite enough of a
desire to have it elsewhere to make it work.  But eventually I
was convinced, through both my own desire and some urging from
my friend Vern, to dust off the code and make it work again...

So that's what I did.  In doing so, I tried to make any purely
new code be written in ways that would allow easy expansion of
things onto new platforms, and generally to do things cleanly.
But at the same time, the only feature I wanted to add was the
ability to run it elsewhere, so, as it happens, there is still
quite a bit of a primitive flavor to this program.  But it did
manage to get built on Linux, and so now I'm preparing to make
it available to the world.  Use it wisely (i.e. not in any way
other than something appropriate for "beta" (or maybe "alpha")
quality code, and assuming no guarantees whatsoever, etc.)  It
is expected, also, that it will eventually run on a variety of
other platforms than just Linux, but for now, despite existing
files that might indicate otherwise, that's it.  Feel free, if
you like, to submit patches to change that, though; you do not
have to wait for me to port it -- I expect that I will, but it
may not be for a while.  :-)  FWIW, Solaris and IRIX are next.

For info on how to provide whatever feedback, or to get future
versions as they become available, point your browser towards:


	David Lindes
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