Standardised metadata properties in JavaScript libraries
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#A proposal: Standardised metadata properties in JavaScript libraries


A standard way for developers (be they regular, plugin or library devs) to access things like the version and name of a JavaScript library.


Yes, it's simplified. Focus on the metadata bits and pretend the rest is pure awesomeness.

var jGrouseLib = (function(G){

  // Metadata
  G.type = 'library'; = 'Grouse Library';
  G.major_version = 1;
  G.minor_version = 2;
  G.patch_version = 3;
  G.special_version = 'b4';
  G.version = '1.2.3b4';
  G.globals = ['jGrouseLib', 'G'];

  // The rest of the library
  // ...

  return window.G = G;
})(jGrouseLib || {});


  • Use cases:
  • plugin developers - checking dependencies
  • library developers - check if another library (or another copy of your own) is using a global you want to
  • regular developers - finding what library is behind $, _ etc.
  • CommonJS is awesome
  • SemVer is awesome

##Why not?

###Bloat Minimal - above example is 167B extra

###Can't split version into separate bits See code samples

###Some libraries (Prototype) don't conform to SemVer They should change, or we should relax it a bit (strip invalid chars etc.)

###Library X uses some of those properties for other things Fair enough, see .meta namespacing discussion.



  • type, required, string
    • Must be 'library'
  • name, required, string
    • The name of the library
  • major_version, required, number
  • minor_version, required, number
  • patch_version, required, number
  • special_version, required, string
  • version, required, string
    • major_version + '.' + minor_version + '.' + patch_version + special_version
  • globals, optional, array of strings
    • Names of the variables you're sticking in the global namespace (i.e. window)


  • [backwards compatibilitly]
  • [version splitting & concatting functions]


  1. Common libraries:
  2. CommonJS packages metadata
  3. Semantic Versioning:
  4. Cross-browser