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LINE: Performance and Reliability Analysis Engine

Current version: 2.0.0-ALPHA (BSD-3 License)


LINE is a MATLAB toolbox for performance and reliability analysis of systems and processes that can be modeled using queueing theory. The engine offers a rich language to specify queueing networks that decouples model description from the solvers used for their numerical solution. This is done through model-to-model transformations that automatically translate the model specification into the input format (or data structure) accepted by the target solver.

Supported models include extended queueing networks, both open and closed, and layered queueing networks. Models can be solved with either native or external solvers, the latter include JMT and LQNS. Native solvers are based on continuous-time Markov chains (CTMC), fluid ordinary differential equations, matrix analytic methods (MAM), normalizing constant analysis, and mean-value analysis (MVA).

Getting started

To get started, clone the repository in the chosen installation folder.

Start MATLAB and change the active directory to the installation folder. Then add all LINE folders to the path


Finally, run the LINE demonstrators using



Detailed instructions on how to use LINE are provided in the User Manual and in the Wiki.


The development of LINE has been partially funded by the European Commission grants FP7-318484 (MODAClouds), H2020-644869 (DICE), and by the EPSRC grant EP/M009211/1 (OptiMAM).