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sample-spring-boot-echo is a tiny sample bot application based on Spring Boot.


Run this sample bot using Gradle.

../gradlew bootRun \

or if you finished create src/main/resources/application.yml file based on src/main/resources/application-template.yml. You can start configured web server just hitting

../gradlew bootRun

You need to pass the following options.

  • Your Channel access token
  • Your Channel secret

For more information about configuration way, refer Spring Boot Reference - 24. Externalized Configuration.

Deploy on Heroku

Deploy this module on Heroku.

Step 1

Get the Channel access token and Channel secret from the Channel Console.

Step 2

Tap the deploy button.


Step 3

Fill in the form and run your instance.

Step 4

Tap the Manage App button and copy the name of your Heroku instance.

Step 5

Set the webhook URL for your Channel on the Channel Console using the following URL: https://${YOUR_HEROKU_APP_NAME}