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LINE Things Starter for ESP32



Please ensure you have Arduino IDE installed and the board disconnected.

  1. Open Arduino IDE
  2. Go into Preferences
  3. Add as an 'Additional Board Manager URL'
  4. Go to Boards Manager from the Tools -> Board menu
  5. Search for esp32 and install esp32.
  6. Download and install the CP2102 driver


  1. Connect the ESP32-DevKitC board via Micro-USB cable to your computer
  2. Go into Tools -> Board and select ESP32 Dev Module from the list
  3. Under Tools -> Port select the appropriate device ie. COM1, /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART
  4. Test uploading to the board by uploading an empty sketch to make sure there are no issues.
  5. The sample project requires a LED to be connected to the development board. Attach one side of the resistor to IO2 and the other to the anode side of the LED (positive side or the longer lead). Then connect the cathode side of the LED (negative side or the shorter lead) to Ground.

Refer to the picture


  1. From this repository, open arduino/sample/sample.ino
  2. Change the USER_SERVICE_UUID to your generated UUID
  3. Upload and Enjoy!