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Prebuilt APKs

This is a collection of FOSS APKs, coupled with the respective for an easy integration in the Android build system. These are just the official unmodified prebuilt binaries, signed by the corresponding developers, except for:

  •, as the JAR and the XML have been extracted from the ZIP on the microG's GitHub release page
  • additional_repos.xml, as it is just the microG FDroid repository XML file

To include them in your build just add their name in CUSTOM_PACKAGES (for example in vendor/lineage/config/

The included APKs are:

  • FDroid packages (binaries sourced from here and here)
    • FDroid: a catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform
    • FDroid Privileged Extension: a FDroid extension to ease the installation/removal of apps
    • additional_repos.xmly: a simple package to include the microG FDroid repository in the ROM (requires FDroid >= 1.5)
  • microG packages (binaries sourced from here and here)
    • GmsCore: the main component of microG, a FOSS reimplementation of the Google Play Services (requires GsfProxy and FakeStore for full functionality)
    • GsfProxy: a GmsCore proxy for legacy GCM compatibility
    • FakeStore: an empty package that mocks the existence of the Google Play Store
    • legacy microG's mapsv1 reimplementation
  • LineageOS packages (binaries sourced from here)
    • OpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider: "Open Weather Map" weather provider for the LineageOS' weather service
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